Friday, March 6, 2009

Week One: End of week grocery total

Our final total for grocery shopping this week was $47.86. My dear, sweet husband noticed that there were gluten free noodles on sale at Foodtown. $1 a bag. That's a damned good price. We bought 6 bags total: 1 regular flat noodle, 1 thin flat noodle, 2 elbow noodle, and 2 spiral noodle. Some of these will be put to use this upcoming week. It was tempting to buy all the bags, to be honest, but that wouldn't have been very responsible. What if we don't like it? Besides, we lose nothing if we end up really liking them. They'd have just been an unexpected treat. Nothing wrong with that. (Of course, if we do like them and Foodtown still has a bunch, we will get more on next week's budget.)

I'm a recipe fiend. I love looking at them, reading over them, looking at the pretty pictures, and copying them down. I have a ton. My mother buys a bunch of magazines and such, so I tend to thumb through those and pick out the recipes I could see myself possibly making. I tend to write down more than I'll probably ever make, but that's okay. Libraries are also good sources, if you have the time to go. My office has a cubicle dedicated to books and magazines people bring in for others to look through or take home. I take full advantage of this (returning the items that I'm through with unless isn't an absolute keeper).

So I have a few recipes from one magazine my mother is loaning me that I might make this upcoming week. (The magazine is called "Simple and Delicious.") It's really dependent on what sales are going on and what we already have.

Well, it's late and I have a full work day tomorrow. Off to bed with me.

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